Joint Issues Female 58

I am not good with written words and get long winded. I hurt my elbow and wrist when I tripped and fell.

Do I need to say exactly how I fell? I have been through a lot of joint troubles due to injuries and this last time I tripped and fell I felt I was at least in for wearing a wrist brace or ace bandage on my left wrist and right elbow.

My wrist bent catch myself on a corner of a box and the back of my elbow hit a cushioned foot stool the little dog uses to jump on the bed. It hurt a lot so took ibuprofen and put braces on both. My elbow hurt the worst.

I did a second dose of ibuprofen when the time came but no more after that. Come morning there wasn’t much swelling in either. A little in my elbow and the bruise wasn’t dark. Very light. The bone was bruised. I never went to have it xrayed.

Come day 3 I was amazed. I took off the braces and felt I didn’t need them anymore. I did put the elbow brace back on because a muscle from the back of my elbow to my shoulder started to cramp when I used it on the 4th day and wore that brace another day.

I am amazed at how little pain I have had and how fast I was able to do without the braces. I didn’t have a hard landig but I had tripped and fell a year and a half ago and wore wrist braces for at least two months if not more…and 3 days was just amazing.

I did not go have x-rays either time but after all the joint troubles I have had in life (I am 58 years old) I can say this has healed incredibly fast.

The 11th day is today and I can tell the bone is slightly sore when I put it on the table. I am in awe. I hope this is not unusual when taking Glacial Blue.

Would I recommend it to other to take it?

Yes, I have been taking it since the end of May 2018.

Something else I will add is that I lost hair due to thyroid troubles and I put some on my scalp too, and I have new hair growth…even that weird cowlick in my bangs back that I forgot about. I could be wrong but I think my hair is not as grey as it was too. Maybe this is all too much information but I am impressed. I had white hair when I was little and wonder if the new growth around my face is going to stay white or get darker too. Either way. Seriously, I would take a head of full of white hair over being bald