About ten years I noticed that my ponytail wasn’t as thick as it used to be when I put my hair up. Although I appeared to still have a full head of hair when my hair was down. I attributed it to my going through menopause because when I was going through it affected my hair greatly. I changed from pressing and curling my hair and put in a curly perm. I wore my hair this way for several years then changed to no chemicals in my hair for a short while. Then I went back to a regular perm in my hair; however, making sure I kept up with treatment to help keep my hair strong.
In 2013 I noticed my hair was getting really thin in the top of my head in what is usually referred to as the “hot spot”. I started to just comb my hair in a way to cover it up. I tried over the counter treatments but nothing seemed to work. I finally just accepted the fact that I would probably be wearing a wig like my biological father’s sisters.
In November 2018 I went to see my friend in hopes of finding a “miracle cure” for my dilemma. Her empathy for my dilemma was heartwarming and the fact that she said, “Maybe

I could not add it to the site, sadly.I can help you” was a breath of fresh air.
I started the treatment immediately and not only have my hair stopped thinning, but I have new hair growing on my bald spot and edges.