901, 2019

Hair Thinning Woman, 58


About ten years I noticed that my ponytail wasn't as thick as it used to be when I put my hair up. Although I appeared to still have a full head of hair when my hair was down. I attributed it to my going through menopause because when I was going through it affected my hair greatly. I changed from pressing and curling my hair and put in a curly perm. I wore my hair this way for several years then changed to no chemicals in my hair for a short while. Then I went back to a regular perm in my hair; however, making sure I kept up with treatment to help keep my hair strong. In 2013 I noticed my hair was getting really thin in the top of my head in what is usually referred to as the "hot spot". I started to just comb my hair in a way to cover it up. I tried over the counter treatments but nothing seemed to work. I finally just accepted the fact that I would probably be wearing a wig like my biological father's sisters. In November 2018 I went to see my friend in hopes of finding a "miracle cure" for my dilemma. Her empathy for my dilemma was heartwarming and the fact that she said, "Maybe I could not add it to the site, sadly.I can help you" was a breath of fresh air. I started the treatment immediately and not only have my hair stopped thinning, but I have new hair growing on my bald spot and edges.

2812, 2018

Hair and Scalp Burns, Female 65


A cosmotologist used many different chemicals to dye, straighten, lighten and straighten her hair, along with using flat irons, and braiding thin stands into her hair.  Eventually it took a toll on not only her hair, but her scalp, and clumps began to drop out.  Spraying this onto her hair over a month period of time has changed her outlook as well as beginning to grow hair.  The wounds from the burns were gone within a few days.  Look closely and you can see the new hair coming in.  She can see the benefit of using this in her salon for others, as well as using it as a topical spray to make sure her customers and guests are safe.  She was encouraged to keep using it so we can document her progress.

2712, 2018

Joint Issues Female 58


Joint Issues Female 58 I am not good with written words and get long winded. I hurt my elbow and wrist when I tripped and fell. Do I need to say exactly how I fell? I have been through a lot of joint troubles due to injuries and this last time I tripped and fell I felt I was at least in for wearing a wrist brace or ace bandage on my left wrist and right elbow. My wrist bent catch myself on a corner of a box and the back of my elbow hit a cushioned foot stool the little dog uses to jump on the bed. It hurt a lot so took ibuprofen and put braces on both. My elbow hurt the worst. I did a second dose of ibuprofen when the time came but no more after that. Come morning there wasn't much swelling in either. A little in my elbow and the bruise wasn't dark. Very light. The bone was bruised. I never went to have it xrayed. Come day 3 I was amazed. I took off the braces and felt I didn't need them anymore. I did put the elbow brace back on because a muscle from the back of my elbow to my shoulder started to cramp when I used it on the 4th day and wore that brace another day. I am amazed at how little pain I have had and how fast I was able to do without the braces. I didn't have a hard landig but I had tripped and fell a year and a half ago and wore wrist braces for at least two months if not more...and 3 days was just amazing. I did not go have x-rays either time but after all the joint troubles I have had in life (I am 58 years old) I can say this has healed incredibly fast. The 11th day is today and I can tell the bone is slightly sore when I put it on the table. I am in awe. I hope this is not unusual when taking Glacial Blue. Would I recommend it to other to take it? Yes, I have been taking it since the end of May 2018. Something else I will add is that I lost hair due to thyroid troubles and I put some on my scalp too, and I have new hair growth...even that weird cowlick in my bangs back that I forgot about. I could be wrong but I think my hair is not as grey as it was too. Maybe this is all too much information but I am impressed. I had white hair when I was little and wonder if the new growth around my face is going to stay white or get darker too. Either way. Seriously, I would take a head of full of white hair over being bald

1412, 2018

Blunt Force Tauma Wound Male 70


Blunt Force Trauma Wound Regeneration Male 70 A man age 70 suffered trauma from falling down and quickly recovered without bruising or scarring using GlacialBlue™ only. Sunday, December 2nd Tuesday, December 4th Friday, December 7th Thursday, December 13 Sunday, December 16

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