Consultation Services

An Insufficient Cellular Energy ICE™ Clinical Consultative Service™ is included within the Alternative Cellular Energy ACE Clinical Services™, which are available to selected individuals willing to participate in clinical studies on Glacial Blue™and on other methods designed to enhance the Alternative Cellular Energy ACE Pathway™.

KELEA™ is expressed as an added dynamic energy in the body’s fluids. KELEA™ is seemingly able to be converted into chemical energy. It can, thereby, provide a substitute for the calories provided from the metabolism of food. This is an innovative concept since conventional medicine currently assumes that food is the sole source of human biological energy.

Studies on stealth adapted viruses, which are not effectively recognized by the cellular immune system, helped to initially identify the Alternative Cellular Energy Pathway ACE™. The research has now extended beyond the role of the ACE pathway as a non-immunological defense mechanism against stealth adapted viruses and other infectious agents.

The ACE pathway is viewed as being critically important in maintaining optimal brain functions and to help compensate for those medical conditions in which the availability of energy from food metabolism is impaired. A prime example is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in which metabolism is impaired by inadequate delivery of oxygen to the tissues. Many other medical conditions can also be ascribed to impaired metabolism. The ACE™ pathway can also potentially promote the healing of skin burns without any attendant tissue scarring. Ideally, the ACE™ pathway therapy will begin shortly after the skin burn has occurred. GlacialBlue™ is a skin-applied Enerceutical product, which is currently undergoing clinical studies. GlacialBlue™ is related to another Enerceutical™ product called Epione™, in reference to its pain-relieving activity.

To cover the breadth of these conditions, the consultative service is being uniquely identified as the Insufficient Cellular Energy ICE™ Clinical Consultative Service. Interested individuals are invited to submit questions, comments and/or clinical information to Each e-mail will be acknowledged with a return e-mail. In addition, as time allows, some individuals will be selected for a phone call to provide clarification of the question being asked and/or of the clinical issue to be addressed. Some of the respondents will be invited to participate in clinical studies to evaluate the currently available treatment options, as outlined above.

Information on Stealth Adapted Viruses, Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE)™and KELEA™ Activated Water has been published in a book with this title.