Green Hope USA™, a component of MI Hope Inc., a non-profit public charity, specializes in plant-based products, including moringa, ashitaba, and cocoa, as a means to both deliver valuable nutrients and increase the energy level of the water in which these products are dissolved. Consuming these products as a suspended powder or as a tea can enhance the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. Accordingly, they are termed Enerceuticals™. Depending upon your location in the United States, it is relatively easy to grow either moringa or ashitaba from seeds. Instructions for doing so will be provided with the purchase of the seeds. The reader is also referred to the following publication: Martin WJ “Do the benefits of Moringa oleifera trees extend to KELEA™ activation of water” Advances in Plants & Agriculture Research 2015;2(1):24‒26. DOI: 10.15406/apar.2015.02.00036

A portion of the sale of these products is assigned to the research and charitable endeavors of Green Hope USA™. A current program is to provide “A Tree for Every Child.” Moringa seeds are being provided to school age children with the intent that if the child takes care to nourish the growing seedling then the tree will provide health-enhancing leaves for the child to begin consuming in about three months. The distribution of the seeds is accompanied by instructions to the parents on the basic biology of plant growth. The parents can convey this information in teachable moments to their children. Children are also to be encouraged to offer to cultivate a tree for a friend who may not have direct access to available land space. Please use the PayPal donation button if you are willing and able to support this program.

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